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Snow White and The Seven Dwarf

Snow White and the Seven Dwarf
            Once upon a time, long ago, there lived princess called Snow White. She live with her father, the king and her step mother, the queen, in a tall castle which a stood at the edge of a deep green forest.
            Snow White was very beautiful. Her skin was as white as snow, her hair as wood as ebony, and her lips were as red as rose.
            The queen was also beautiful, but she was proud. She knew that she was the most beautiful lady in the land.
            The queen hated poor Snow White. Every day she grew more and more jealous of Snow White’s beauty.
            The queen took away Snow White fine clothes and dressed her in rags instead. She made Snow White do all the cleaning and polishing in the castle every day. And every night, Snow White would dreams a handsome prince who would come one day and carry hero t off to the his castle.
            One morning, the queen sent for the huntsman. “ take Snow White out to the forest. She ordered. “ I never want to see her again.
            Next morning, the huntsman and Snow White set off into the forest.
            “ run away into the forest.” He said. “ the queen will think that I have killed you so you must never come back to the castle again.
            The huntsman left poor Snow White alone. She ran as far as she could came to a cottage, hidden deep in the forest.
            Snow White knocked the door and when no one answered, she went inside. She wondered who could live in such a tiny house. She look around, the room everything was so small.
            When night time came, the masters of the house returned from works. They were seven dwarfs who worked in the diamond mines, deep in the heard of mountain.
            Careful, men! Search every nook and cranny. Said another, sternly. Then the dwarfs crept into the bedroom. Oh! They gasped, when the saw a beautiful princess. Who are you and what are you doing in our house?.  “ my name is Snow White. Said the princess. “ I’m hiding from the wicked queen who wants to kill me? Who are you?
            I’m doc, I’m grumpy, I’m bashful, I’m Sleepy, I’m sneezy, I’m happy, and he’is dopey. They all shouted together.
            I’m very pleased to meet you all. Said Snow White politely. If you let me stay here, I will work hard and keep house for you. The dwarfs said that she could stay.
            The princess kept her promise. Every day she cleaned the cottage, made the beds and bakes pies and cakes.
            Now the queen had been very pleased, when the huntsman had told that Snow White was dead.
            One day, after the seven dwarfs had gone to the diamond mines, there came a tap – tapping at the cottage door. Snow White opened it and saw a old beggar women standing on the step.
            The women was holding a basket full of apples. “Try my apples pretty maid” she said smiling. “ they are magic wishing apples, one bite and your dreams will come true.
            She took one of the apples and she bit into it and fell to the floor.
            The old beggar women – laughed “ nothing but a kiss from your true love save you now, Snow White.
            Just then, the seven dwarfs returned home from work, they saw a shadowy figure near the cottage. “ look” cried doc. It’s the wicked queen! After here men! And they chassed her through the forest, towards the mountain.
            When the dwarfs come back to the cottage, they found Snow White lying on the floor. They tried everything to wake her but it was no good.
            So, they built a beautiful beds for Snow White, made of crystal glass and gold. They took her to a special place in the forest, kept watch day and night.
            A handsome prince from a nearby kingdom heard of the lovely princess sleeping in the forest. He rode there to see her. “ how beautiful she is? He said, kneeling down to kiss her.
            The princess opened her eyes. She sat up on the golden beds and smiled. She’s awake! Shouted the dwarfs. The prince has broken the wicked queen spell’s.
            Snow White, knew that this was the prince of her dreams. “ will you marry me and come to live in my father’ s palace?. Snow White smiled and said that she would.
            Then, she said goodbye to the dwarfs, who had been so kind to her. 

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